Sep 5, 2023
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Two croupiers are sitting bored

Two croupiers are sitting bored at the roulette of THE CASINO.
Suddenly a very attractive blonde woman enters and bets $20,000 on a roll, saying: “I hope you do not mind, but I feel very lucky when I play naked.”
With that, she unbuttons the zipper, takes her dress and underwear off, throw the dice and yells: “Come on baby, mama needs new clothes!”
She looks with agony and as soon as the dice stops, starts jumping up and down screaming: “YES, YES, YES I WON!”
She embraces one to one of the dealers, taking her profits and clothes and disappears.
The guys are looking dumbfounded at each other.
Eventually, one asks: “Did you see what dice she rolled?”
“I do not know, I thought you were watching!”

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