Dec 27, 2023
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The first electric car in the world

The first electric car in the world was developed as early as 1837 by British inventor Robert Anderson. Anderson developed an electric car based on an electric motor and a lead-acid battery. This vehicle was small and designed for short trips only, but it became a preliminary prototype for the later development of electric cars.
The first electric car in the world
Another significant breakthrough in the field of electric vehicles came in 1884, when Thomas Parker, an English inventor and pioneer of electric cars, patented an electric car with a water-cooled electric motor. This electric car was the first that was practically usable for commercial purposes.

The first electric bus was also built in 1891, which was manufactured in the United States and was powered by an electric motor. At that time, electric cars were becoming more popular, especially in urban areas, where they were used as taxis and buses. In the following decades, however, the development of internal combustion engines led to a slowdown in the development of electric cars, up to the present period, when electric cars are becoming more popular due to the reduction in battery costs and the improvement of technology.

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