Dec 3, 2023
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Baby Mice Wine

Baby Mice Wine, also known as “Three Squeaks Wine”, is a traditional Chinese beverage that is prepared by adding dead newborn mice to a bottle of rice, which is then topped up with rice wine. This beverage is considered to be medicinal and is traditionally used to strengthen the immune system and treat various health problems, such as asthma or blood diseases.

However, the preparation of Baby Mice Wine is controversial and many people consider it to be cruel and unethical. It is prepared by drowning newborn mice in rice wine and leaving them there for up to several months. These mice are often caught specifically for this purpose and are not hygienically or ethically suitable for the production of any beverage.
Baby Mice Wine
Baby Mice Wine is also banned in many countries and cannot be purchased legally. While it may be a traditional remedy for some people, it is important to be aware that consuming such beverages can be harmful to human health and can even lead to infection with dangerous diseases, such as leptospirosis.

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