Sep 5, 2023
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Flat Earthers

Flat Earthers, people who believe that the Earth is flat rather than round, have gained notoriety in the age of the internet and the growing popularity of conspiracy theories. While the scientific community and the general public have long accepted a round Earth as a fact, flat Earthers persist in their assertion that it’s a colossal global deception. In this article, we’ll explore the origins, beliefs, and scientific facts surrounding flat Earthers.
Flat Earthers
Origins of Flat Earthers:
Although the concept of a flat Earth has existed in ancient civilizations, the modern flat Earth movement saw a resurgence in the 19th century. This movement was often associated with religious and pseudoscientific beliefs. However, the majority of people accepted a round Earth following scientific discoveries and evidence.

Claims of Flat Earthers:
Flat Earthers argue that the Earth is a flat disc surrounded by an ice wall known as the “Antarctic ice rim.” They claim that gravity, space exploration, and the curvature of the horizon are either fabrications or deceptive evidence. Many of them allege that space exploration and space agencies are part of a global conspiracy to maintain the “false” notion of a round Earth.

Scientific Facts about a Round Earth:
Scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports a round Earth. These pieces of evidence include:
Photographs of Earth from space: Images of Earth taken from space clearly depict a spherical planet.
Curvature of the horizon: When looking at the sea or a plain, we can observe the curvature of the horizon, which wouldn’t be possible on a flat surface.
Shadows during eclipses: During lunar or solar eclipses, we can see shadows on the Moon or Earth that are round.
The principle of ships: Ships disappearing from view as they move away from the coast is consistent with the curvature of the Earth.
Gravity: Gravity is a force directed toward the center of a spherical object, explaining why objects fall downward.
Flat Earthers
Despite this evidence, flat Earthers persist in their beliefs, highlighting how myths can endure even in the age of information and science.

Flat Earthers remain a controversial and fringe movement that contradicts scientific evidence of a round Earth. It is essential to emphasize scientific research and critical thinking to verify facts and reject misinformation. A round Earth has been substantiated in numerous ways and serves as the foundation of modern science and space exploration.

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