Nov 1, 2023
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The largest bus in the world

The world’s largest bus is called the AutoTram Extra Grand and was developed in 2012 in the German city of Dresden. The AutoTram Extra Grand is a high-capacity bus developed by German company autometal GmbH and first presented at the InnoTrans trade fair in 2010. The bus is 30.73 meters long and has a capacity of up to 256 passengers. It is a hybrid vehicle that combines traction from a diesel engine and an electric motor.
The largest bus in the world
The AutoTram Extra Grand is specifically designed for urban public transportation and its advantages are high capacity and flexibility. The bus is designed to be easily maneuvered in streets while providing more space for passengers than regular buses. One of the innovative features of this bus is its double articulation, which allows for easy handling and maneuvering. The bus also has a hybrid drive, which reduces emissions and improves fuel efficiency.

The AutoTram Extra Grand bus has been used in several European cities including Berlin, Leipzig and Essen as an alternative to trams and metro.

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