Jan 21, 2023
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Poulaines – Historical shoes

Poulaines, also known as crackowes or crane’s-bill shoes, were a style of pointed toe shoe popular in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. They were often worn by the upper classes and were known for their elongated toes, which could be as long as several inches. Poulaines were worn by both men and women and were made in a variety of materials, including leather and velvet. They were often decorated with embroidery or other embellishments. The style fell out of fashion in the 17th century, but has been revived in modern times as a fashion statement.

Poulaines were highly fashionable in the 15th century, particularly in the courts of the Burgundian Netherlands, where they were worn by both men and women. They were made in a variety of materials including leather, velvet, and silk and often had long, pointed toes that could be up to several inches in length. The length of the toes was a status symbol and was used to indicate a person’s wealth and social standing. The shoes were often decorated with embroidery or other embellishments such as gold or silver thread. The style was so popular that laws were passed in some cities to limit the length of the toes on poulaines, as it was seen as a frivolous and extravagant expense. With the arrival of the Baroque, the fashion changed and the Poulaines went out of fashion.

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